Hello world!

This is the first day with a new name and a new blog. it seems so bare. so naked. but that will change fast. i hope to setup my online shop with tons of tees for all you out-of-towners. its my way of further dominating the world lol.

so, what now.

i think i will just take up where i left off…



this weekend was cherry park. my daughter had a blast in the blowup castly, and the pony rides. but there were very few sales. lots of love, and thankyou to everyone who visited my booth, and my friends… but i just wonder if this is perhaps a really hard time of year for other artists out there. this is the third show this summer, and in total i may have sold ten items.

so… what do YOU think of my price ranges? too high?

to other artist … are you having a slow season?

i realize sizes are not always available and i am trying to work on that. you see.. i have a fabulous opportunity to well… not work an official day job… and just focus on this crafting of mine. it really is a blessing. but its also a test. if this doesnt become a success… well then i will have to reconsider the entire thing. dont fret. i love sewing too much to give up now.


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