warbrobe refasion turned to the furniture too

i feel that i accomplished a lot today.

i recovered a stool that i have been thinking of doing since the day i bought it. i was bored and accidentally tore all the tattered vinyl off. (if you have been to my house you have seen this tattered treasure for sure) anyways… that means i dont have a before photo to show you.

all the fabrics are from Worth a Second Look (Victoria st, kitchener). the one i chose for the stool has a slightly wooly feel, but the underside is rubberized. we are messy. we spill everything… so that particular fabric screamed “take me! take me!”


accidentally ripped off the old ripped vinyl by you. the old stool. ick by you.
the process…
under the new stool (still see some of the old) by you. sides are pleated (to make the fit easier) by you.
the end…
yah i fixed my old stool by you.
[small explanation… i flipped the stool onto its top and traced its shape onto the fabric. measured the distance around the side (75inches) so i could add pleats and avoid making the side panel curved i added 25inches. sewed top circle to side strip adding a pleat every two inches or sew. it was random. i didnt really measure. placed fabric over stool and used finishing nails (think thats what they’re called — ones with wide flat heads) to secure to wooded bottom. phew]

but im still bored. tonight i think my boredom and inability to sleep comes from well… not knowing what to make next. i have all this fabulous fabric i allowed myself to buy today…

pile of new upholstery fabrics by you.
really great super strech polyester (i think) by you.

and havent a clue what to do with it. its like.. i love it so much i dont want to spoil it by making the wrong thing. so instead i sit here folding it. repeatedly. and then feeling how soft it is, draping it around me like a dress (you know girls, like you did as a kid) and then folding it again.

i have become really so fast at sewing that when i finally decide what i want to make (usually when making for myself) i can do it in under an hour.

… but deciding. ugh.

so i watch a movie — or seven. “the proposal“, despite the fuzziness had a great bag which i thought would be perfect for my new upholstery find… and you can NEVER have too many bags!

new bag in process by you.
i edited the style a little.. okay a lot. but it WAS my inspiration to make a bag!
stay tuned for the finished product

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