Recycle your old clothes — to me

since i regularly use recycled clothing i often visit the same few thrift stores, picking thru their large selection but… lately, as my production grows i find there is very little left by what i need at these stores.

i would enjoy taking any unloved clothing off your hands — or even converting your old clothes into something new, and in exchange i will give you a coupon for 15% OFF your next purchase, whether online or in shop (RareFunk)

i would love…

  • tshirts
  • jeans
  • cotton pants
  • skirts
  • button up shirts
  • pillowcases + sheets
  • baby clothes
  • baby flannel blankets
  • dresses
  • leather purses (new painting project. woo hoo!!)

stains do not bother me. infact sometimes they add to the character, and literally become a part of the character dolls. keep in mind at least 50% should be stain free. and clean. please please wash before.

in most cases i can come to you for pickup too.

contact me at litlwon[at]gmail[dot]com to arrange the details

recycle old clothesif you are not ready yet, you can always find this information in my sidebar,

just look for this icon


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