instead of sleeping i made a dress

i drank my coffee as usual today, and started sewing thru the pile of precut shirts that has been growing since … lets just say christmas. one coffee got me thru 10 shirts. so i had another… and so on and so on. i built the etsy shop, and added this links to facebook and this blog. more coffee… .its a lot of work to update the many different social circles i felt obligated to join. all that said (and drank) its 1am and im still awake.

i was staring at this fabric i recently found… which im sure was sheer curtains for someone once upon a time. i loved the sketch like flowers along the bottom, and how the yellow faded into cream. it was calling my name.

so i made a dress.

DSCN5487 DSCN5489

not sure if its sexy enough for the Toronto birthday party i was making it for, but its fun — and comfortable. plus i hate to admit this (keep it a secret between u and me) but the leggings+heels look is growing on me. its not sooo horribly 80’s .. if its done right. right?


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