back to school in the morning

DSCN5799dress is hanging ready to wear, lunch is packed, its midnight and the angel is  finally asleep…

i didnt sew this “first day” dress though. she insisted the first day called for a brand new one from a store. (very clear about that part) “the second day of school i can wear a new one from you mommy”

her fashion sense stuns me sometimes. when i was six i was loving my neon jelly shoes, hot pink socks and purple tie-dyed capri’s. nothing matched – not even to todays 80’s-loving mismatched standards. bee collects pics from magazines to create her own outfits; chops the top off one model, the skirt off another, finds her accessories, and glues it all back together.

we were in Old Navy where this dress was kinda tucked behind some others, definately not merchandised. but that wasnt a problem. bee ran around the shop picking things she wanted — and i was not allowed to help. shes only SIX … and already so independent. i love it — and hate it. but she did a really good job. for this dress she also chose matching brown leggings and a brown longsleeve tee.

there is also an adorable tutu skirt in the baby section that i personally fell in love with the week before this. i never told her about it because … well im not really sure if its to be worn alone (which is how i would have done it) or under, as an accent.

at any rate, she fell in love with it all on her own.

she ran to the fitting room and started her show. i think this was the most exciting part, and entirely the goal of the shopping trip for her. she completely dressed herself — once again i wasnt allowed to help. infact she wouldnt even let me in the room to over organize the hangers or ocd like hang the clothes immediately after she removed them.

“ta daaaa”  came the announcement whenever she opened the door, clearly loving the attention it drew from all the other girls trying to find their own back-to-school fashionista look.

she returned all the one i said no to (tutu included) and explained to the fitting room attendant very seriously that “these just wont do. i will come another day to find something else”

oh so grown up.

and tomorrow begins the adventure of grade one.


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