to avoid boredom, and keep myself in line…

now that the princess is back in school – and finally there for the entire day – i find i have a lot of free time. when that happens i tend to shop, or sleep… or eat. since i dont want any of that happening i will try something i saw on another designers site. each post is related to a letter of the alphabet. now i dont post very often (naughty) so this will be a big step … but im going to try for A LETTER A DAY.

now, on car rides we play this alphabet game where you need to find something that starts a letter of the alphabet, going in order. we try to play where you have to actually see the item, but i admit that gets tough. either way i should be good at this then right?! we will see.

Today is A

my first instinct was to go with Apple Bottom Jeans, but i already showed most of you this video – and i really dont have much more to say about that. so something else starting with “a” …

A-line tops and dresses. the real kind, where the “a” shape actually starts under the arms, not under the bust or at the hips. they remind me of little kids dresses. carefree. and holy-moly do i ever feel comfortable in them. my husband calls them modern-mumus. mean boy… i dont make fun of his passion for enormous jogging pants!

i dont listen to his complaints when it comes down to me being too covered. (hes a boy. that is totally the real issue) if its comfortable to me then im good. so i have created my own a-line tanks, with a wider bottom creating more of a bell shape. they are light weight, some even a sheer fabric so they twirl + sway really beautifully. plus they can easily be cinched with a belt if you feel the need to show off your waist and still hide your tummy.

now to find some boots so i can wear them into the fall…


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