help young artists

donate your random or leftover art supplies and help young artists create possibly their first ever creation, and make their first sale. Think of how proud they will be when someone picks up their creation and smile. giddy i tell you… GIDDY!

This all takes place at the

First we will hold workshops for four different crafts: original greeting cards, embellished gift tags, stamped + illustrated wrapping paper and recycled ornaments. They will be taking place at the RareFunk Studios on Duke st, Kitchener October 10th and 17th (contact me if your child would be interested and i will give you the full lowdown)

After the kids have created their gift items we will guide them to package their items beautifully, to protect but still showcase their handiwork.

Finally the kids will take turns at the sales table amongst all the other artists at the Frederick Art Walk (November 7th, 10am-5pm in the Frederick St neighbourhood). The kids will be stationed at 40 Chapel St. Now, all the items they make in the workshops will be up for sale, but speaking as a mother of a budding artist, you will have to act fast to make your purchase. i know i will be running over and buying whatever my baby made lol.

BUT.. in order to get this whole thing started we are still in need of a few supplies…


  • card stock
  • light weight paper in large sheets (gift wrap)
  • magazines
  • beer bottle caps
  • old wrapping paper (for ornaments)
  • ribbon
  • buttons
  • beads
  • scrap wood (like fence boards) and possibly a skilled volunteer to help cut them down to ornament size approx 2″x4″ (grandpa will be so pleased if i dont make him cut it all) or perhaps you have a wood shop and already have small blocks going to waste?

PLUS for your donation your name, as a special thankyou, will be listed on the Art Walk website

Please contact me if you have something to offer at urockrecycled{at}gmail{dot}com

ps UROCK will be at 21 Samuel St, right off of Frederick St


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