now i know what i am

people often ask what style my clothes are … and my answer was usually “patchy” or “mismatchyed” which really didnt explain things too well. i love mixing prints. i love when colours clash, but that alone isnt a style. well — ugly could be a classification, but wont help with sales. after reading this etsy article it dawned on me that GRUNGE is what i make. now granted, near the bottom of the article i feel they are showcasing more vintage 50’s than grunge.. .but the beginning plaids, and obviously thrifted mismatched wares are exactly where i see my items.

grunge_and_glory-1.jpg image by roybot360
Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy, 1990 Grunge magazine ad :: via Photobucket

i was in grade nine when ‘grunge’ started in k-town. grunge was… random.  nothing matched. the uglier the better really. okay not ugly — tacky. this was so appealing to me because i loved to clash, mix things up, and be different. oh and i looved vintage. i would spend a whole day in a thrift store searching. okay yes, i still would now. to me standing out because your different is a good thing, which means not shopping major brand name stores where they carry 100’s of identical tshirts. i have never had the experience of running into someone else wearing the same outfit as me, and i love that.

Recognize that fame and popularity are shallow forms of validation that have no value to you; How to be Grunge, WikiHow

my goal was to stay as far away as possible from this for as long as i could. (note to all: 2 years later i converted to jeanie garth look alike. sigh. i tried)


Marc Jacobs Grunge inspried collection for Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 1993 :: via idom designs

i had this exact photo on my wall. i tried to recreate it too. i think this may have been my first sewing project although it was also the day i learned short people do not look cool in floor length anything.

BUT … the media portrayed grunge as dirty, worn by lazy unclean dopeheads. their models literally had dirt on their face — and this really ticked me off. they totally had this ‘trend’ all wrong. it was a careless freedom to wear something no one else had; to BE different. i personally put a lot of thought into my outfits where im sure others just plucked something in the dark and threw it on, but we all strived for the same vision… a statement of “i dont care. i dont want to fit in. i dont want to follow the crowd.”

now i’m all riled up — like i was back then. i loved my vintage polyester polka dot shift dress, striped knee highs and 8hole docs!

all in all.. the ‘grunge’ feeling turned into a trend, has always held a place in my heart, and thus is reflected in my own clothing line. no more will i describe myself as ‘mismatchy patchy’ … im grunge. in fact i feel that is where todays ‘punk’ seems to fit too. so, as much as the media wants us to believe that grunge was a horrible hiccups in fashion, many popular trends’ are derived from the filthy dirty fad.

but isnt it funny how a group trying to avoid trends becomes a trend.


One thought on “now i know what i am

  1. Hello,

    We met at the gristmill art show. I knit the hat you picked up for your daughter.

    I was so happy to see so much excitement for my items. You mentioned there was a show at the end of November you would like me to be a part of. I am interested in getting some info on the show.

    It would be great if you can get back to me.


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