just my luck

as soon as i make that decision public knowledge… shes sick. super sick.

i have a very very high energy child. constantly running, even in the house. always excited  (hum kinda like myself) … so when suddenly she has no reaction to the excitement that today would bring, i knew something was up. and then she had no voice.  oh did i forget to mention — she is a non-stop talker. about random nothings. but today.. she was silent. thankfully she says nothing hurts… shes just tired and frustrated that for once she cant talk.

so now she sleeps.

and i watch carefully, taking note of every symptom

trying hard as i can to remember what my mom used to do to reduce my fever

sitting by her side

waiting for her light to come back on

(okay its not that dramatic but i rarely see her this sick, and as much as i say i didnt believe all the drama with the new flu, im still worried that there may be some truth to the hype.  and of course every mother worries when her child is sick, no matter what the media is up to. so im worried. and cant sleep)



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