shopping done. let the sewing begin

hit the 50% off sale today, and literally bought everything i looked at. its funny, today my  “do i really need that?” must have been drunk on caffeine and excitement because the answer was always YES. i felt silly for being SO excited about a huge sale at a thrift store though.  most people plan their days like this around shopping Prada or Dolce sales.. not me. thrift all the way baby!

bought awesome blouses for moi, adorable tees for the princess, and more tees to ‘edit’ than i will ever have time to do… all for $25 !!

mind you these prices (at 50% off) is what i feel the everyday price should be. i dont really understand why there was the latest hike in prices, like ties at $1.49 are now $5! is that so all the CEO’s can take the private jet instead of the car to the restaurant? or maybe so they can take more vacations? you and i both know its not because they are improving the store, or paying the staff more. sigh. someday i will have my own thrift store. like dollarama — but for thrifted clothing. its all donated anyways right?



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