spreading my wings

… and finally i can fly. remember when i talked about my fear of success? it was some time back but basically i said i wanted to be famous, having everyone shouting MY name… but never see my face. silly i know. but i learned it was a real phobia. and somehow after leaving my day job and taking time to only sew i fell in love with my work all over again, and the fear is gone. im ready and confident. oh. maybe thats all that phobia is — fear of rejection. not actually of the fame but the steps to get there.

anyways, after some friendly advice/nagging from numberous friends i am attempting to get UROCK into stores outside of kitchener. while i was doing my research i found an incredible shop…

and i thought i would share.

Freedom Clothing Collective

Freedom is a Toronto volunteer based clothing collective that provides new and emerging local designers, artists and musicians a place to present their stuff.


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