distressed love

via chictopia.com

it probably goes with my love for recycled clothing, but im loving this come-back trend of tattered denim.

uh ‘come-back’ because i was in high school when this was last shown on supermodels or hanging in store windows. actually this style will do circles around all of us,  im sure. even better is this new way of distressing that look like you fought off a small bear… tear marks instead of giant holes, created with your scissors in boring math class (yep i did that).

the difference this time around…? im NOT willing to do it to a pair of jeans i already own. not that i cant, but im all grown up now, and i wont. no. thats not it…

i just like my jeans too much. and it was my money that bought them (shocking how much that matters now.) so… i will just have to buy a pair.

BUT … i do not like skinny jeans. i personally believe its creating a horrible body line for girls with real hips and bums. dont have those? then rock those skinnies. but i do have them (real hips + bum) so im going to wear the bootcuts til i die. or wide leg… eeek love the wideleg.


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