how could i forget?

my exuberance must have caused a scatterbrained short in my brain because i cant believe i forgot to post this… right here in my blog… right here where it matters the most…


3079B Dundas St West, Toronto

for now *wink wink* she is just carrying the super adorable stuffed people.

what? think they are monsters?!! oh no.

they are people. they tell me tiny tales of what its like living in a giant bin of scraps, thankful that someone has finally freed them and put their life together… or is that my excess of caffeine making my imagination loopy?

the goal for the future… make one that looks more like a famous person (like Ellen) and send it to her. as a gift you know. not to self promote… oh no. nooo.

also, to write down these tiny tales the super cuties tell me. i just KNOW you all want to hear them too. but thats only if i have time… some of them talk soo much i barely have time to move onto the next little friend.


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