just too soon

i have to apologize to all those i promised work. i haven’t been able to work on anything this past week.

tragedy struck this past weekend when we suddenly lost our brother-in-law to an aneurysm deep in his brain. its still hard to fathom the possibility, as he was finally healthier than he’s ever been. and so soon. so young. only 36. ten of those years i spent holidays and occasional summers with him, but not nearly enough to get to know what an incredible man he was. not only an amazing father to three children but he was training to become a police officer with only 3 months remaining until graduation. he waas at the top of his class, and was accepted into the “links” program with just two days until his first shift. two days. two days until his dreams came true.

Greg, the groom, third from the right.

if that’s what happens when you work you butt off to get to your dreams; if the world just says “nope. not for you” then im done trying. i dont want success….

he was trying to change the world. he was trying to help.


i havent been able to think clearly for days, let alone function and actually get work done. S tried to work today, but just got frustrated with everything. nothing makes sense. we all worry so much about petty little thing, meaningless things… spend time enjoying, not complaining. really do take the time to smell the roses, for when the roses are gone we will be wishing for two more days.


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