oh where oh where…?

i am constantly trying to stop myself from shopping as i AM a shop-a-holic. this time i think i have found the ultimate answer…

hide your wallet on yourself

jeeze louise, i dont know how i did it this time (of course if i knew it would be in my hand… and not still hiding) i walked in the house with my value village purchases in one hand, coffee in the other.  put down my purse, hung up my coat, and took my purchases straight to the washing machine in the basement. there are not many stops between the two, and i have searched every freakin crevice from A to B… and still no wallet. or cell phone. its super great too that my cell is the only phone we own — so i cant even call myself to try and locate it. i have no recollection of taking my cell or wallet out of my purse — but neither are there. and yes they were with me after shopping. i bought the coffee on the way home. drive-thru, so i didnt leave it there either. sigh.

i have a bad memory (can you tell?!) but i honestly think its getting worse.

my wallet thought of this ingenious plan to help me with my spending, since no one else had the power…. and since my random texting has also become a bad habit — the wallet took the cell hostage. now… if i could just hire a private detective to find the two. oh but i would need money for that. sigh.

guess i sew then.

hummmm… maybe the clothes are in on it too…


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