D for Distraction

i need some kind of machine that will type right here in the blog, as i think the words, while im sewing-painting-grocery shopping. yes … i have all the ideas, and intentions of posting. but never sit down and do it.

biggest distraction to keep me from posting is that we were looking for a house. either to rent, but mostly to buy. both the man and myself love the old century two story homes, but now we realize so does everyone else. once they have one, they arent letting it go. so we save some more… and keep our eyes open. but we did find a gorgeous place to rent in the meantime.

we need to vintage it up a bit… mixing some old with their new. but otherwise its just perfect. the man is the shiny new, and im the rusty old…. ahhaha omg if you know me personally that is all too true.

my other disctaction…

reveling in my daughters art. im partly stunned that its just so great, but then thats a mother thing. anything you child creates is a masterpiece worthy of wall space at the Louvre. this work is from her own ‘distraction’ moment, while we were at the funeral of our brother-in-law she decided to capture the moment in art. see the giant pizza eating dragon thing. not sure where he was… but if you look … (weapy moment) the ghost is there too.

darn tears.

i have been keeping myself suuuper busy, to keep my mind off of that particular moment, and just for a second there i thought i was finally ok. onto a new distraction…

a funky orange dress for the Bloomin Earth show. im the host, so i have to loook grrreat! but i will also have my booth, of which orange is my thing. i know im skilled in this particular area (clothing making) and i should just MAKE my dress… like usual… i have to shop around first


vintage sassy :: kimms attic

i LOVE this dress. im small… but not this small.


vintage 80's party dress :: ggiotta

this one is PERFECT! but expensive… and perhaps a little over the top for a eco-festival.


i have a wee bit of time still so as i pack the craft room i will be searching for eco-looking orange + pinks.

fingers crossed.


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