snow snow go away…

a friend posted these shots of her garden today

.. and im insanely jealous. where’s MY grass? where’s my new budding growth?

my garden is still in ‘dead’ mode, all brown and broken… her garden is actually green! (yes i ran out back just now to snap these shots) the neighbors already think im a little off when im gardening with a camera around my neck.. .whats a little midnight photography goin’a hurt?

but that’s Canada right?

we even had a bird + fairy house catastrophe that i haven’t even had a chance to remedy. although, a few days ago they were buried in about 2ft of snow, so i guess it is an improvement that i can actually  see them. slowly the snow is melting.. and eventually my garden will be growing…. oh but just had a sad thought… this isn’t my garden anymore. i wont be here in this house when it blooms. they will soon call me “that crazy garden stalker”  cuz im definitely coming back to visit my little flowers.  just when i was finally happy that it had filled out. sigh. what a bummer.

oh… did i mention my friend is from Atlanta, Georgia? yeeeah. that may be why the snow is gone so fast lol.

on a happier note.. lets get giddy about the new house, and the prospects of a new garden…


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