oh there’s the grass…

well the sun came out today, and in order to avoid doing the actual work i was supposed to be doing i took a last walk through my garden. (really devastated that the new house has a 8x8ft grassed yard, and the rest is driveway.)

still brown and broken, but at least the sun makes it a shot than yesterday’s  night shots.

front little garden..  which normally looks like this…

and finally had a moment to reset the fairy houses. i dont think birds have chosen to live in either, and i wouldn’t blame them based on the number of times i have had to set them back upright again. in the new house we will have to mount them to something, or weigh them down… fill them with rocks?

still a lot of snow though…

still a lot of snow though.

Plans for the new house…

i thought something like this…

bottle edging :: via oregonlive.com

but then i found this photo using laundry soap bottles to create a portable garden since i don’t know how well glass will survive in our Canadian winters.


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