how did i get this much stuff??

after 5 years living amongst gradually collected items, you may be unaware the actual quantity of stuff you have.

4 large uhaul boxes of scrap fabric bits. 6 rubbermaids of scraps to keep
3 sets of dishes
2 sets of cutlery
12 large serving platters (i dont even serve anything on them)
three cutting boards
25 mugs (we dont even drink homemade coffee)
17 plastic cups (there are only 3 of us)
2 boxes of clothing to recycle into cool new things
3 boxes of dvds (some never opened)
5 boxes of unread books
large box of board games, most never played after purchased
three boxes of bathroom supplies… who even needs that much soap?
5 seasonal jackets per person
mommy/daddy motorcycle jackets (but no motorcycle)
three no, four motorcycle helmets
25 pairs of daddy shoes
14 pairs of mommy shoes
6 pairs of princess shoes
4 clocks with the wrong time
kazillion magazines .. martha is hanging with import cars

and i dont want to pack any more stuff.


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