spring cleaning left a hole in my wardrobe

incase you were unaware… when you clean out your house with a giant indoor garage sale, and rid your life of 4 boxes of fabric and three giant boxes of clothing — you ARE allowed to go shopping …and buy more of all of it. you are! and i did. sorry shaima — i shopped again. it was unplanned. my car just took me there.

found myself totally inspired by everything today … but they were all really summery.  guess  i am done with winter, which is a big big change. i am a snow loving, winter girl but now i cant wait for the hot hot sun!

this purple one for princess bee, from old navy (thrifted, not new) reminds me of this pattern

… and im going to make this circled one for myself! i really like the 70’s prairie looks, but not to the ‘Laura Ingles’ extreme.

also found this pattern im going to attempt…

i found a bundle of jade lycra (at the Elmira thrift store) and i think i will attempt to modernize this pattern with it. oh wow so many dress ideas floating around in my head… so much to do… so much to make. now that the snow is finally melting, i feel it could be a summer dress shopping day. i have to whip out more of these for the show.


2 thoughts on “spring cleaning left a hole in my wardrobe

  1. no no — there are still 4 boxes of fabric. they are scraps, but still really large pieces. two boxes of clothing, and a whole kitchen table full of … stuff. omg and toys. three boxes of toys. so lots. no worries.

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