a great day at Bloomin Earth

Thank you to everyone who ventured down to the Bloomin Earth Festival, and visit the UROCK booth, at the Kitchener Market. It was a wonderful looking show, great atmosphere, great energy… and smiles on everyone’s face. Even though the wind was wickedly strong, it really was a fun day.

I enjoy shows like this just to get the chance to meet my shoppers face to face, but for this event i was the organizer — and was running all over the place all day. Thankgoodness my mom was there to both keep me sane, and greet all my shoppers. She even created an organized ‘log’ of my sales for the day. Guess you never really stop learning things from your parents.

Still thriving off the high of the day, i am looking into adding more shows to my schedule… ones that im not personally planning. It’s a great feeling to run a successful show, but its also nice to stay at my booth all day and actually talk to all people.

JUST A REMINDER… for those of you who did buy something new from UROCK…

join the group in either facebook or flickr and upload a photo of your rock’n gear for your chance to win a free tee.

(winner chosen on the first of every month)


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