back to the conscious life

it was my birthday this past Saturday (yah me) … but 4am that morning the princess woke us with tiny little gagging sounds, and faint crying. she had the flu. this was only her second time ever being stomach sick, which she thought made her a pro… “i know mommy, only a few more times and it will all be gone. i know how to do it” … poor angel. if only she really knew.

as she gradually returned to the rambunctious child she is, we thought all was well. Not even considering the fact that we might have caught her illness, we got all dressed up and headed to this GORGEOUS bar in toronto called This Is London. Not only did they keep all the original hardwood and beams from what must have been an old factory, but the bathrooms were stunning too. it was like a princess palace in there… all pink and victorian styled.. individual rooms for the toilets, hair salon, makeup studio… and get this… a personal DJ!

well thank god it was gorgeous, because i spent a lot of time in there (not a personal decision). i was sick too. such a shame because i think we were only there for about an hour. and holy moly was i sick.

everyone — including myself, thought it was the alcohol and just brushed me off as “cant hold her liquor”. the next few days — as i continued to be sick all hours of the day — i knew it was that blasted flu that the princess picked up somewhere… or was it me who carried it to her? how long can a person carry a virus without knowing? does an adult carry it longer? to anyone who was with me… or is concerned about their own health… its a sneaker. you dont even feel sick — no warning signs. it just BAM! your tossing your cookies.

Now, thankfully, im feeling better… but since i stumbled in an sleepy-nauseous state through the first few days of this month…

the FREE TEE winner for May was not selected 😦


on May 8th i will be at the Church of the Good Shepherd’s Spring Market, on Margaret (near Center In The Square, KW) from 9am to 1pm.

If you don’t have any UROCK gear, this would be a perfect day to come out and get some. So to allow more people to enter the contest i will be adjusting things slightly (just for this month)

the May contest will be postponed,

but the June contest will have TWO WINNERS!!

oh the excitement! oh the joy! oh the FUN!



here’s how to enter:

in Flickr — click Flickr Fan Group on sidebar. Login to flickr (or create an account. its free, easy, and awesome to post and share your photos). Go back to the UROCK fan group. You should now see a button to the right that says ADD PHOTOS. click there, and choose the photos of you or a family member in their UROCK gear.

in facebook — click Facebook fan group on sidebar. become a fan of the group (click ‘LIKE’). Scroll down to PHOTOS, where there is a heading for fan photos. click add photos. you can either upload directly from your computer, or choose from one of your facebook albums


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