meet me at the church

… for a spring market, silly.

SPRING MARKET @ the church of the good shepherd

116 Queen st, Kitchener

(corner of Queen and Margaret, across from Center in the Square)

Saturday (tomorrow) from 9 am to 1 pm

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New shirts, new cards, new ties, necklaces and pins!! almost everything has never been seen. things sell fast, i just cant help it. despite the groans from the family and dealing with this awesome flu, i have been sewing like a maniac since the last show (bloomin earth). One day i really will learn NOT to sew the day before the show, and to take it easy resting and preparing and … well whatever … but i can never get everything i want done. even if i had nothing to do… i would feel the need to make more.
its the eternal question of “how much is enough?”
thank-goodness its raining because it has allowed me to move my painting station into the basement, where its warm. but I hope i dont forget anything down there when i leave in the morning … and i hope i can get up in the morning. sigh. yep these are the things i worry about.

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