a little bit of my day

after dropping the babe off at school, and the daddy off at work i ran into some cold wet duckies, who were clearly not ready to function this early in the morning.  saw them taking a snooze in the drizzle while i was waiting for interview #2.

yes, i am returning to the working world. don’t get me wrong.. i am NOT giving up on this side job i have established. but working for yourself is just not enough money to sustain the life we have become accustomed to living. sometime soon we actually plan on taking a vacation. a real one. like when i was a kid… room service in the hotel by the highway, driving through the night, breakfast on the beach. someday it will happen for this little family too.

then onto a little shopping in order to avoid the traffic on the way home. it was insanely busy of course since it was 11am… okay thats a lie. i was waiting at a red light debating either turning right into the thrift store parking lot, or continuing to wait at the light. when in the car, i am not a patient person. i don’t like NOT driving. so i turned.. parked .. and shopped for like 10 min. fastest ever really although i had to force myself to leave after finding these cute treasures to add to my vintage pattern and fabric collection… for $2.45 !

then onto lots and lots of sewing...

and then a break before dinner to create a new bag for Bee’s class and their study of TIME.

phew. what a day of accomplishments for moi.

well actually… its pretty much the same everyday. ya. exciting.

but that’s all the computer time i get for today. i have the Baden Family Fun Day this weekend and i really do have to get back to the sewing… really i do.

or sleep.

hum… what to do? … what to do?


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