discovering office casual

of which i have no idea. its one of those things they make up a term for .. that actually encompasses everything. ‘office casual’ really depends on your perception of what ‘office dressy’ is. there in which lies the question. every office is different. one place i visited this meant jeans with no rips. another office decided this meant ties but no jackets. sigh… so here i sit trying to decided what ‘office casual’ means to this new place i now reside.

my thoughts:

  • skirts at or below the knee
  • no bare shoulders
  • minimal skin (absolutely no risk of belly skin showing– not that i dress like that anyways)
  • not skin tight (although, if its long.. well this one is questionable)

this still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. wonder if it should exclude handmade or vintage? ack! heaven forbid that comes up… i will quit then lol.

i have fallen in love with this site

.. and vow to use it for inspiration. to make, or to co-ordintate current articles

i think this works (minus the hat) meaning its the fabrics too. no cotton jersey. silky, chiffon and flowing. and im sure i remember my mom telling me that “bare legs are never seen on a lady” and truly that is who works in a professional office, right? a lady…?

but i love those boots. i think they fall under the ‘casual’ term.


must find vintage brown boots.

for $5

haha. wish me luck. the rest.. i can make.

love this little one too. veeery vintage in the brocade fabric. i might even have some since im a shop-a-holic when it comes to pretty fabrics. ha. i think i even have a vintage pattern too. gosh i think i will be busy recreating my wardrobe. wish i could sew as fast as i type. (the machine does not like high speeds. its cheap, and it snaps its needle when i exceed the 1000 pokes a second limit)

use to have creamy white boots too. but i gave them away to someone. humm. not sure who though.

so i hunt for new ones.. but there are so many to choose from. i cant decide.

… all in etsy. (click pics to see listings.)


One thought on “discovering office casual

  1. ha Megan…i wore bare legs all summer long, casual day or not and i used to work in a professional office for many years. I haven’t worked there in 7 years so maybe it’s different now??!!……..You are so lucky to be able to sew so fast too………U go girl – U ROCK!!!

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