did you know…

occasionally i do step out of my cocoon (craft room) and brave the real world. it’s a big step… reading the gossip and watching the news… where more often than not i shout “how did i miss that!?” .. oh right. because i avoid the real world and all its drama, death and war.

here is what i learned today:

Avril Lavine has a clothing line called Abbey Dawn, full of skulls, doodles and her own punk rocker style.

Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn Sexy by Avril Ramona Lavigne.

(found under avril’s very own flickr account… kinda COOL!!)

Selena gomez also has a clothing line called Dream out Loud, offering organic clothing and a boho mix-em-up style that i truly love. very Wizards of Waverly Place!

Dream out Loud is yet to be released. some sites say fall 2010, others say July 2010 — but only at Kmart. fingers crossed that sears (sister company) carries it too, and stays true to the idea that all items will be under $25 (doesnt mean $24.99 either!!) more photos of clothing line

Olsen twins have three clothing lines!!


olsenboye for the Californian beach babes,

elizabeth and james for the older punk twenty-something crowd

and the row offering basics to everyone (ladies of all ages) but at the extreme of $375/tshirt!

Jeeze… i really missed all that news?? where the heck was i??!

… dont get me wrong. im not poking fun. they are all super for the markets they are trying to reach. all very different, but perfect in their own way. in fact i think i fell in love with something from each of them. cant wait to see selena’s line though. it may very well be my favorite.

BUT seeing that each of their lines were carried by a different store also lead me to thinking (once again) that as the designer i dont ever WANT to see my clothing on sale at a department store. i am perfectly content selling at small unique boutiques…. until the day i find a way to open my own UROCK boutique…. selling all the creations (you know that means anything + everything) i can manage to create.

i dream that someday my sweet princess will take over the line, as many of the ideas come from her anyways.

hummm… off in that dream land again

well, goodnight real world … hello creative fantasy land…


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