Daydreaming the day away


Even though I have returned to work I can’t stop thinking about creating new items for the next show, Tri-Pride, June 5th, and getting a headstart on the Frederick Art Walk, coming in November.

I attempted to make a lunch bag for the princess… I find they just don’t make them big enough for the tupperware we have — and the fact they have 2 nutrition breaks instead of just lunch. Like usual, the first attempt is a fail. I don’t like its look… and I now realize I hate sewing boxes. Since I’m self taught my square corner method is long + annoying… clearly I have some research to do.

I did try sewing two flat sides together, then folding the bottom corners in to create a square… and I like this method better.

Now I just need to decide if the top is a zipper (think so) or a fold-over style with a button.

…. all this, while trying to pickup the techniques of the sales team here.. and of course retain all the details, warranty and terminology they use to make icky-overwhelming seem sweet-easy

*dont forget to upload your fan photos to the flickr or Facebook group (see buttons on side) for your chance to win a free tee!



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