photos from the show

i realized, after trying to create a “show” folder, that i hardly ever take a picture of my OWN table… thank goodness some friends stopped by and took some for me.

both shows were a huge success, and one step closer to world domination — oh i mean global self confidence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… .yes i know, there are no face shots of anyone really. its a bad habit i have of cutting that out lol. i did have more but i seem to have misplaced my camera.

Bee and i spent most of our money at show that started our day — Smithson School Garage Sale. it was such a good time i was sad to go. so many awesome tables of junk, much of which came home with me.

we bought …

shoes, purse, necklaces, earrings … hairbands.

then, after the shows, we decided to shop, where we collected more shoes, and more hairbands. humm i see a pattern forming here. bee had to move her “hair stuff” into a suitcase (vintage of course) because of the number of hairbands she has collected. this may become an issue … learning when to quit.

and yes i admit my shoe issue. i also have to find a new home for my collection.


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