NEW mini cards

aren’t they just the cutest??!

i’m a firm believer everything looks better miniaturized (baby clothes, tiny plants, little cars — uh hello honda’s!)

Started working on these miniaturized note cards late last night, after i stupidly drank an extra large coffee for dinner, leaving me wide awake much much later than usual. lets just say the sun was coming up when i realized it was time to sleep. surprisingly today, im not as tired as i expected to be.

Moustash mini cardAviator mini cardBig mouth mini cardBig hair mini cardAlien head mini card

if your lucky i just might list them in etsy. i would list everything again, but it seems the only things that do sell are those that don’t have to be touched or tried-on, making listing my clothing a waste of time. i’m open to tips though… anything that may help the tshirts and ties??


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