from drab shirt to diva style

i know its been a while, and until i get my brain wrapped around a real job and my body used to actually having something to do, my excuse for a boring blog is starting this new job. there are a lot fewer hours to sew when you work 8-5 outside of the house. lesson im still working on… winding down from work really fast, and getting to the sewing before dinner.

a few days ago the princess and i were doing a little shopping. she fell in love with latest trend of plaid dress shirt like… uh dresses (strangely awkward sentence). once again i was face to face with the prime reason i started sewing clothing for my daughter — it was $34!! at zellers!! i might understand if it was a high-end brand name … but zellers?

i convinced her i could make a much better dress, and reluctantly she put the dress back. i feel bad because shes so young and i am always telling her “its too expensive”. i feel even worse because its not that we dont have the money. i just dont see the point if i can actually make it.

i used her daddys old cowboy style polyester bar shirt. he grows tired.. we get a new wardrobe. the floral waistband and sleeve detail is from a shirt i fell in love with.. on the hanger. okay i admit it,  i was only in love with the fabric lol. i also had one of grandma’s lycra party shirts in zebra print. shame to cut it up… hahahah. okay. phew thats out. once again making the ugly unwanted into diva style.

of course, we had to sass it up with a super neon satin heart. gosh its freakin bright. anyways … she loves it

… and that’s all that matters.


3 thoughts on “from drab shirt to diva style

  1. thanks!! the sleeves were a “fix” because i didnt measure and cut them too small LOL. i have another few daddy shirts i may try one for myself. so easy. you can DO it!!

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