harness your doodle powers

lately i find myself *dreaming of doodles* … I’m thinking more and more about things covered in doodles. clothing, shoes, bags… walls!!
i love the doodles of others (oh sorry … i mean sketches) but its really more satisfying and meaningful if they were by my own, or my daughters, hand.

lesson i have learned: it will not be good right away.

you may not like what you create but don’t give up. also don’t try too hard. try those scribble pictures your art teacher made you do without looking. honestly those are still my favorite. funny and real. there is no WAY you can try too hard on those. never done it?!? get a sheet of rather large paper, pencil works best… either close your eyes and sketch from memory or promise not to look at the page as you sketch something in front of you. the trick… your pencil cannot leave the paper. that’s right… one continuous line. and its okay if your portraits eyeballs are outside of his head. adds to the doodliness. (saw Ramona + Beezus this weekend. making up words is fine and fun).

keep drawing, keep fiddling… and eventually your own personal style will come thru. my appreciation of my own skills did not happen overnight either — and not everyone will love your work. gee, i guess that’s part of my whole motto for life… learning to accept yourself regardless of others comments.

your opinion of yourself is all that matters!

check out this awesome doodler, and all the books he has created to help jump start your creativity.

at www.chroniclebooks.com/tarogomi, and on the Chronicle Books blog and Facebook page.

Visit the link, download a page — add your own doodly creations … and submit.

The contest, open to scribblers and doodlers of all ages, runs till OCTOBER 31, 2010.. once i get my home computer working again i will share my creations with you … oooh wont this be a fun little thing!



  • A deluxe set of art materials
  • A limited edition, framed print autographed by Taro Gomi
  • The full collection of Chronicle’s Taro Gomi books and gifts

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