Never never never give up

not all shows will work out the way you planned. the trick is getting back into the game. taking a lesson from the experience, instead of letting it break your heart and depress you.

sit back and take a look at the day. see if you can find an obvious flaw. was the weather bad? were there actually shoppers at the event? was your table setup around a corner that nobody ventured, or at the end of a long row? was it near the focus of the day, or did it feel like you were stranded on the edge of a desert? were the shoppers carrying bags from other vendors, or look as though they didnt plan on shopping? were there actually shoppers at the event – did you tell anyone you were going to be selling your creations here?

if none of the above happen to fit, perhaps it something you may, or may not, have done. was it hard to see what you were selling because items were squished onto a rolling rack, or laying flat on the table?  did people run screaming when they saw the price? were you always at your booth? did you greet people naturally or pressure them to buy something… think of those awful shopping experiences you’ve had where the sales person annoyed you so much you just left… were you that person today?

or … did you stand like a lump with a smile painted on your face, not speaking a word? that last one is my personal faux-pas. thoughout the day i get randomly shy, and suddenly i find myself afraid to say a word. for this reason i try to recruit a friend who is never afraid to step in and chat about my creations. for a while now my cheery-chatter has been in Egypt on a very very long vacation (miss you) — so i took a deep breath .. and opened my mouth to speak. all went great after that. i found those that i didnt talk to wandered away, and i dont blame them.

Even if the weather is bad, or there are only three shoppers wandering the venue, a pleasant smile and comfortable chitchat can turn them into actual sales and perhaps even dedicated fans.

Don’t think its ONLY your attitude that effects the sales. your setup matters too. take a step back from your table/setup… can you tell what your selling? do you have a favorite one on display? are you dressed appropriately, matching your table or brand (yes. you are part of the display). do you have levels on your table to maximize the space, and create an eye-catching display? is there too much colour? is there not enough? perhaps the tablecloth is all that needs changing. do you have a sign large enough for shoppers across the room to see? all these little details matter when trying to attract attention to your little shop.

i just want to say… dont loose faith in vending at shows because you had a bad one. my first year was filled with awful shows to the point that my whole family questioned why i even bother. its an incredible opportunity to learn about your clientele, opinions of your product, as well as yourself.

find your mistakes (your faux-pas) and fix them. never never never give up. turn a negative into a positive. dont let the devil get you down.   so many positive reinforcement sayings running through my head … did i mention never give up?

REMEMBER: September is Self Improvement Month!!

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