too excited to sleep

Halloween is just a few weeks away, i was so so excited the other night about all the costumes i get to help make, i was up all night. (no sarcasm – i really was excited!!) i couldn’t sleep… planning the patterns out in my head. i even found myself drawing in the air at one point. sigh. thankfully my partner was sound asleep, denying him the opportunity to make fun of me. on the go right now is a sexy Princess Peach from supermario brothers, and finally a sexy Cleopatra or Nefferttiti (oooh even wordpress doesn’t know how to spell that one lol)

i am fighting with myself not to release all the details, but perhaps i can sneak out some quick peeks.
lastnight i cut the fabric, and planned the dresses….
tonight i sew!!

oh and i am in the process of making a Mother Nature costume for my own little angel.
in my mind she’s a mix between a wood sprite, fairy and princess. oh yeeeah a princess!!
with stick wings, party dress, birds and butterflies flying about her head… possibly a crown??

found a fabulous emerald green silk 80’s prom dress that fits bee so perfectly — no i will not take that as a sign that she is growing insanely fast, just fate!
i bought some floral mesh to use as a crinoline over the skirt, giving me a base to attach flowers, birds and other woodland fun.
biggest issue: making it possible to sit in her desk, without breaking the stick wings

stay tuned…
and yes i love the costuming and decorating part of the year
feel free to contact me if you need help creating or even just deciding on what you will be


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