When it just works out

I love it when things fall into place, so easily, with little effort. In life especially, but right now I mean when sewing. I have precious little time to feed my need before I drag myself into my day job, so every second counts. Today, nothing went wrong… I didn’t sew one side backwards, I didn’t accidentally cut a random piece of the shirt while trimming the threads, I didn’t even cut my fingers. Nothing to fix. Nothing to rethink. Nice and simple.

It’s surprising I didn’t screw up though. Aside from being a chronic klutz I am terribly distracted by my excitement for the kids kraft this Saturday, where the children of the participating Frederick art walk artists make their own crafts. I miss seeing the incredible things they create … how their eye sees things differently than mine (my old weathered eye lol)

Plus that means the art walk is coming too which is the most fun I have ever had selling my things. After that i have yet another show at L’ecole cardinal leger, for a school fundraiser, where yep you guessed it… I’m selling my stuff.

I’ve missed selling, and talking to fans, and seeing the faces of those who have just discovered the silly faces of the U ROCK tees.

Sneak peek at what worked out so well today…


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