oh what a list of things to do

but as i realized earlier today — being completely swamped with a million projects is what actually fuels my happiness. keeps me focused and alive. i was driving to work today and i asked myself “self, why the bleep are you so freaking happy today?” self said because we have lots to do, lots to do. maybe its a feeling of accomplishment, to look back and see all the things i have completed these last few weeks, or a boost to my ego that i was actually ASKED to do these things…

why cant it be like this all the time?? i have NO idea.

my to do (or recently completed) list:
20 more stuffed dolls – some for rarefunk, wisedaughter and etsy
pink dance suit
alice in wonderland costume
princess peach costume
mother nature costume
spider queen costume (for my BOSS!! yeeeahh!!)
dark queen of the nile
more kids tees, adult ties and winter shirts for cardinal-leger craft show (nov 20) and frederick art walk (nov 6)
…. and …
a wedding dress for a new friend.

phew. but YEAH!!


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