smells of the season

this past weekend i forced myself to sit down at the machine and sew til my “work in progress” pile was at least half gone… i did it, but the burning hot smell of my machine took me into a daydream of christmas long ago. okay so not really all that long ago — maybe 15 or 20 years. the hot smell of the plastic reminded me of the smell of the glue gun waiting to attach bits of plastic evergreen sprigs and tiny flowers to the bread loaves, wreathes and christmas packages lined along the kitchen table. dad in the living room putting the tree together, the smell of chocolate mudpies in the oven, the christmas music pumping through the house.

as much as i think i dont live like that.. the perfect happy family… i do. my kitchen table is also filled with christmas crafting supplies: pinecones to be glittered, paper mache christmas balls… glue, paint, beads. to some its a holy mess. to me its perfect. the craft room has pictures of all the gifts to make attached to my bulletin board. the only thing missing is the christmas music.

speaking of music and christmas spirit.. okay spirit in general, i have so much more of it this year and i dont know why. i was way more into halloween than i usually am. christmas too. i am so gosh darn excited for the upcoming christmas show this weekend at Cardinal Leger Catholic School

have you started getting ready for the holidays?


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