finally making it my own

about two years ago (i think) i begged and pleaded for the wacom tablet. my intention was to add my own creative touch into the computer graphics world, not just on paper. so finally, in the downtime between shows, the onset of a cold (possibly flu) … i sat my butt down and connected the wonder tablet into the brand new computer to start the creation of my very own customized website.

i dont think im done yet. not totally in love…

but done for tonight.


2 thoughts on “finally making it my own

  1. jUST had to post and say ….WAY TO GO MEGAN!!! & I LOVE “I THINK I ROCK”….plus the other part to that…”and nothng else matters” part!! Would love to see more of that on a T-shirt/sweater etc…..nice work girl:)

  2. the full slogan? OK! originally i had it on my screen, but to save time, and because some people didn’t get it – i took it out. but its just about time to redo my screen images… i will definitely add the last part in again

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