do you appreciate just knowing someone?

we just about lost a friend a few weekends ago. im more angry at him (you know who you are) than sad or even shocked — but made me think what our days would be like without him. you know, if the very worst actually did happen.  made me think of all the other people in my life too, even those i originally wished i had never had the pleasure of knowing.

i was tormented by bullies most of highschool, okay … all of school… but i learned something from their constant pushing. i learned to ignore. that it doesnt matter what they thought. and of course i wouldnt be where i was (like right here with the “i think i rock” clothing line) if it wasnt for that realization.

there are others too. people who may never have realized how grateful i am for all i have learned from them, and for having them in  my life.

thankyou to the one who made me dress up fancy, take care of myself, do my makeup and show off what i’ve got. it was crazy at the time, but leads to the confidence i almost have now.

thankyou to the one who taught me to do what i love, and never hold back a laugh.

thankyou to the one who was my friend when no one else was, making me realize the quiet kindness around me.

thankyou to the one who helped me learn how to raise my kid, who stood by me as i struggled with being a new mommy.

thankyou to the one who taught me stress was something i created for myself, and how unnecessary it was.

thankyou to the totally unknown stranger who got in my face one night for no reason, testing my strength of character and the ability to stand up for myself

thankyou to the one who surprised me, teaching me that not everyone is who everyone else says they are.

thankyou to the one who never changed her attitude, never let anyone get her down, never let anyone tell her what to do.

thankyou to the manager who called me lazy and a liar

thankyou to the girl who tried to steal my man

thankyou … to everyone that stood in my way, or helped me along… creating the person i am today.



4 thoughts on “do you appreciate just knowing someone?

  1. Absolutely wonderful! Loved reading this. Meg, you are such an inspiration to all of us who deal with self love/hatred everyday. It’s a constant struggle to go through life miserable. Lets be thankful for who we are, and not who we think we need to be. Thank you again, for being a role model, a wonderful parent, and best of all, a friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. Coffee and a play-date would be nice sometime soon… 😉

  2. Love this post, Meg. You were an inspiration to me in high school and still are now. Everybody is struggling with something, no matter what it looks like on the outside. I think people should just be nicer to one another, yes? Thanks for your honesty and energy.

  3. thanks meg that was really awesome, it is truly amazing how different you precieve on the outside to what is going on, on the inside(hope that makes sense to you) keep inspiring, creating and just being you because U-rock, really!!

  4. awe you guys are really so sweet — and thanks. i agree with you heather, its so funny sometimes when things are perceived so differently. but its always nice to hear that people well… believed in you. that feels great guys and thanks again and again and again… 😀

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