doctor prescription: have 100 people say they love you

just today i realized “holly smackers – i DO rock”.  i have been giddy and excited about sharing UROCK … i am shy no more. which is a great feeling but this sudden change only lead me to question why. i tried to convince myself that i was good enough and people liked what i made, since i started the line. sales were good, stores were selling my things, customers were saying great things…. but still i felt i was lacking. like i hadn’t quite made it and i wasnt good enough. i was too shy to admit i was the artist, and too nervous to seek out new stores to carry the line.

now suddenly after a slow few shows i feel the complete opposite, and i am confident and proud to admit “i made this stuff”!

and now your wondering why too eh? its all of you — my fans. a few moths ago i noticed there was a huge increase in the number of readers to my blog, and viewers of my fanpage. i hate to admit it but i am that girl that needs to be told everyday that you love her. actions do not speak louder than words for me…. especially those words that boost my ego.i need to hear them, and see their love on my fanpage.

what better way to show my appreciation, than to offer a custom made peice of what they love!!

when i realized my fans cured my lack of confidence, i had 119 fans. thrilling, but then i wanted to reach higher. if 119 people can motivate me to blog more, sew more and break out of the “i dont think i want to be famous” box… then i wonder what 200 fans could make me do.

help me reach 200 fans in facebook, and i will randomly select a winner or one custom made UROCK item.

it was going to be just from the current fans, but that puts a lot of pressure on them… and my whole goal is not to let anyone tell you who to be, or more specifically what to like. UROCK wants you to not follow the crowd. better yet, i want you to like the line because it thrills you, not because someone told you to. so i have opened up the contest to all the fans, new or old.

i will think of something for all those 119 fans who helped me get here (i already took note of who you are) because it means so much to me that you helped me get this far

… something

… something great!

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