anger passing, day returning to normal

today is a wee bit better. okay its a lot better. i’m not so furious with everything. but on that note i wanted to clarify something… i dont dislike my job. i made that complaint because not only was it funny to me (after i stopped being frustrated) because a battle with a caller is rare… 5 months and that was the first “argument” … EVER. i’ve had some tears with callers, some giggles… but never a disagreement or heated battle. and even more unbelievable was the fact that suddenly with no clear reason they switched personalities — and agreed with me.

i did have way more to say in regards to all that, and the whole feeling better deal, but now that the day is almost over i totally forget.

remember to laugh at adversity — right in the face!!
(perhaps that is what finally dissipated my personal angst)


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