daydream, coffee, sew … done

i been asked many times how i create such unique characters, rather than explain simply that its a really long process of trial and error and a lot of digging through my giant pile of scraps… i thought i would just share a photo montage

step one ... that came together pretty fast

step two ... figuring out the mouth

step 2.5 ... hummm maybe this mouth

back to the pile ... trying to find something perfect

step 2.5 ... ah-ha! a mustache is perfect!!

making sure the office desk has all its necessary tools

time to stuff him full of tiny scraps

shazam! -- and he's all done

ready for paint... along with his boyyyys

that whole process took about an hour. a few spacey moments might have made this longer than it could have been, but it too is all part of the process. soon these men will be joined by their dainty, glittery and floral ladies that i cut out lastnight while watching a movie (must have been great, since i cant remember what movie it was)


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