man with no name

its sad… but this little man is nameless. nothing other than mr octopus face comes to mind. on one hand i feel that would be acceptable since i am essentially making fun of stereotypical images — but on the other hand, i dont want anyone to get the wrong impression. he IS just a regular person, and deserves to be treated fairly. kindly. not just about the silly name his super mustache makes us think of.

we are more than the nicknames people give us!!

so.. i open this one up you YOU.
help me find his REAL name + a describing word about him (ie. marvellous maxwell)


2 thoughts on “man with no name

  1. i agree… he definately deserves a “mr” title. mr burly man? or master. like master sensei.

    master burly man – defender of the lizard triangle (LOL)

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