remembering the words is a challenge sometimes

this morning as i was getting on the darkest, least used elevator cube i found myself stumbling on a word to describe my feelings of it (yes i narrate my life sometimes — in my head of course) all i could think of was this sound effect … oooohhh eeeee (like the wind whistling through a deserted yet haunted house). finally it came to me, “omnious” but made me realize i associate a lot of my words with sound effects.

“marvelous” becomes MMmmmmaaaaaarvelous in a french lady accent.

“superiority” gets a scrunched up, nose to the ceiling, stiff snooty snort of laughter in “gu-faww”

“wrath” gets clawed fingers with a hunched over, evil smirk, and an equally evil scratchy whispering “wraaaath”. i realize wrath is more vengeful anger — but evil overlords remind me of that. they are always so vindictive – seeking revenge because someone stepped on their foot 15 years ago.

so if you catch me on a bad day (like today) my communication could seem very caveman-like with a combination of extreme facial expressions, hand gestures and eeeerie sound effects.

[hands thrust towards reader, voice in caveman grunt]: ugh
[singsongy and fairy dancing waiving arms]: la la laaaa
[normal voice]: today.
definition: have a nice day!


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