baby, its cooold inside

thankfully as i write this the house is defrosting, returning to its regular 23degrees. last few nights is a completely different story.

about 10pm on sunday night i heard the furnace making this starting and stopping and starting sound… wiiirrrr.. shhhhh wiiiirrrr shhhhh. (yes EXACTLY like that lol) i thought it was because it had reached the temp and turning off. but it kept happening. i was complaining to my friend about how cold the princesses room is, and always was — never even thinking that the furnace could be OFF completely and all that was running was the motor of the FAN!

that night it dropped to -25 outside. thank goodness i collect blankets and quilts, because we had each and every one of them on our beds… about 5 each. freakin cold that i dont wish upon anyone!!

during the day yesterday it warmed up, and the thermostat was reading 19 + 20 so we figured the furnace man did his job — and it was fixed. 10pm rolled around, and yet again no heat. thankfully (for my wallet) we are in a rental, and the landlord called the furnace man again. something needed to be restarted… wtf! why wasnt that done when he was here??!

lordy lord. so i had to take the panel off the front and find this itty bitty “reset button” which really if i was the inventor of this contraption — i would have LABELLED it! see those two skinny little wires in the very center? leading to a silvery something? thats it. doesnt even look like a button. so i restarting and woah there were flames. thats a good thing. in celebration i ran upstairs and laid my body over the vents blasting the heavenly hot air… shhhhwooosh… wiirrrrr… off again.

now only because i felt like such a wimp in my cries of freezing to death, and because lastnight was not supposed to go below zero i told the furnace man we could wait til the morning….

lesson for next time… dont wait. sleeping in the freaking freezing cannot be good for you. he cleaned the tubes, pulled all the nasty filters that the landlord hadnt changed in YEARS! and got the beast running again.

finally 23 is actually warm, rather than blasting it at 26 or 27 just to get somewhat warm. finally i can take off the layers of socks and sweaters. finally i can put away all the millions of quilts

but… for the future. i AM making us a warmer quilt !!


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