10% productive; 90% …not

the goal was to sew all day. but first i had to find a movie to watch online. then the phone rang, and i had to chat it up for a bit. then i had to cut the fabric for the bags. then i had to sit and stare at the fabrics i bought for the valentines quilt i was planning on making.  spent some time staring at the sketch of the project too. then i had to fold up the left over fabrics and put them back on the closet shelf — have to keep my neat and tidy craft room pretty looking.  then it was a pee break. then i noticed i have more than just one grey hair, and i had to search my entire head to count how many more had snuck in there. then i lost count. its a good thing i am in love with the chocolate red hair dye by garnier — because there is no brown left. its completely grey. then i had to freak out about that for a bit.

then i had to feed the kid. then we had to go rent some movies because online streaming was just taking too gosh darn long. then i had to get another coffee. then i realized all day in the dryer was probably long enough for the bed sheets. then i decided to toss another load in. then, on a cleaning spree, i filled the sink with the intention of washing dishes. then i went back to sewing for a sec. then my movie was over so i had to look for another. then i remembered the sink full of dishes…

then it was 8pm.

i did complete two of the 6 bags i cut. but i dont really like one of them… so its more like i only made one.


maybe i will get more done tomorrow. but i doubt it.



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