this impending doom

i sit here reading all about the havoc this winter storm is causing all over the united states, half eager for it to be my turn, half ready to freak out at the sheer massiveness — and nothing. nothing at all is happening here in my part of the world. in fact it may literally just be MY area of town…  i read in the nearby cities of sarnia, brampton and niagara falls the storm has begun, and i find myself jealous. i should be happy though since my genious of a husband has had a temporary lapse in judgement and thinks he will be fine going to play basketball in toronto, and then proceed to drive MY car home in the massive ice blizzard precisely at midnight — the dawning of the storm.

okay, so i dont need to panic yet, as it IS midnight and nothing is even happening. no wind. no little flakes of normal snow. nothing. but back to my jealousy… we all want to say we were there when it happened right? i’m blaming my jealous kink on that — not the fact that i too just want a day off work like the kid gets a day off school. i want to sleep in and then bum around all day. okay thats not really true. i will get up at the same time, and likely be sewing. but i sit here waiting for this impending doom … and nothing

probably going to jinx this whole storm in actually hitting my house as i am super ready with the shovel waiting inside the back door to dig myself to the car if needed, and all the doors with blankets at the base to keep out any sneaking drifting snowflakes. and … i understand that as soon as i say “fine. dont come then!”…  it will.

my evil “needs a day off work” self will be overjoyed by that.

my sappy “oh baby where are you now” self will be a wreak.

just my normal snowy street. what a great camera though -- this is at midnight!



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