Satiny Reversible Baby Skirt

here’s a sneak peek at what i have been up to over the last few days (besides organizing Bloomin Earth) because i should be working on other things right now… like the day job lol

Reversible Baby Skirts

i have had both these fabrics for quite some time but i was worried my skill was not good enough to match the beauty of the fabrics. Now, thanks to all the love (and practice) i feel i have reached that point.

the satin fabric is new, but the reverse is a thrifted pillowcase. i added a jersey version of the flower to the satin side to keep it casual. my daughter loved these skirts (being reversible) because she could quickly change her look — and usually did so in the car, catching me off gaurd. she thought it was hilarious (especially because now she knows just how rotten my memory can be sometimes)

this is only one of the skirts but since i only had a one pillowcase per cool pattern, they are only baby sizes. I have made adult versions using sheets (see a few in flickr – click on the photo) and of course will be many many more come the Earth Day show.

what earth day show? gaw!
Bloomin Earth at the Kitchener Market, April 16th from 9am-3pm. check it out at


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