smarty-farty at reportcard time

so proud of my princess…well no. proud doesnt describe it enough. i am freakin thrilled that she is creating good habits, and is interested in school, regardless of what my school habits were. my report card was filled with things like “need to be reminded to pay attention.. needs to work on listening .. needs to stop talking” gaw — so harsh. and so untrue (ha! kidding)

My baby got things like “interested in learing and eager to participate” … and … “ORGANIZED!!” i love it. apparently the one thing she needs to work on is less planning time in art activities — more working time.

wonder if shes getting all this from her dad … he was the kid who never had to study because he actually paid attention in class — and it was already committed to his memory.

thank goodness for him

reading all this today (because i procrastinate, and didnt read it till i was packing her bag for school) made for a wonderful valentines treat



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