funny little guys have returned

JESTER JOHNNY recycled doll TEENY TINA recycled doll LITTLE BETTY BUTTERFLY recycled doll MISTER MUSHROOM recycled doll Just uploaded a return of this collection — Mini Keychain Recycled Dolls.

these little fellas first appeared way back when U ROCK first began. after looking through some fan photos i was reacquainted with their cuteness, and started pulling them together again. i was going to wait until Bloomin Earth, but they were begging to be shared and they are just so gosh darn cute in their mini-ness… i couldnt hold them back any further.

here are a few more items recently listed…

MISTER MAXWELL recycled tee - youth XL PAISLEY PETE recycled tee - 12-18 months LITTLE TIMMY TOOTH recycled tee - 18months FREDDY FERNS recycled tee - 6-9months PINKY PETUNIA recycled tee - 5 years BEAUTIFUL BRIDGET recycled tee - 8-10 years JUNGLE JACKIE recycled tee - 4 years BETTY BUCKTOOTH recycled tee - 3 years

i hope to have a good selection of all sizes ranging from itty bitty baby to big daddy. but gosh, it is taking longer than i like… pin, sew, paint, dry, photo, upload, edit, post post post… lather rinse repeat. i set aside an hour to do all this posting, and i think “woo! im going to get all these 25 items listed!” and i end up posting maybe 5. sigh. have to sleep now… will post tomorrow after work

same bat time, same bat channel…

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