Earth Hour at the Birthday Party?

My daughter is a recycling master (uh just like her mama) but im not sure how impressed she will be if the movie theatres participate in Earth Hour, and avoid the use of power for her birthday party. SO to avoid any dramatic episodes, our awesome plan of a movie party is out.

Trying to keep in line with the whole idea of the day, being a day to conserve, i feel obligated to make this an eco-friendly party in the sense that we are NOT going to a play center where they blast florescent lights, loud music and air-conditioning. we are NOT going to plop the kids in front of a movie. we are NOT going to drive all over town.

but we ARE going to enjoy the outdoors! im even thinking of taking all the kids for a walk after lunch to the community center up the street to play in the mega-huge field…. but how on earth does all THAT fit into the "glamorous movie/rockstar " theme she is dreaming of?

oh! what if i made them all dress up and strutt all the way to the park — hahahahah. no. i cant. (and i dont think the boys would be impressed)

any thoughts? ideas?
outdoor "rockstar" ideas?


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